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sa-wan History 

Sa-wan is the Thai word for Paradise, Heaven and Eden. Harmony, Vitality, Nature, Life Balance are the essences of Sa-wan™. In an overstressed world, balancing mind, body and spirit combined with a fit body brings an individual on a journey to paradise or Sa-wan™.

Throughout Asia, from Japan, China, and Korea to Thailand ancient philosophies have centered on long life, relaxation and invigorating life balance all associated with SPA and Body Care. Thailand is one of the Asian countries where traditional herbal remedies are well known. Thai ancient herbal healing traditions were once the secret domain of the monks, local herbal healers, and midwives. Healing traditions were passed down through generations and were recorded in manuscripts known as “Samut Khoi”.

According to Thai traditional practitioners, herbal healing is a system of belief in the powers of nature and earth. For Thai herbs, it is often accompanied by stories of their healing properties. For example, Nam Nom Rachasi, or “Lion Milk”, is the herb used for enhancing lactation in mothers who just gave birth. The benefits of Thai herbs and plants are broad, deep and great; they are therefore the gateway for your natural health and beauty. Through the combined effort of the government and the private institutions traditional healing has experienced a revival, creating a balance in mind, body and spirit in today’s fast-paced world. The result of this revival is the development of innovative new therapies based on ancient lore. These include the invention of herbal bath and massage, and the introduction of modern spas. These innovative new therapies use formulations based on ancient folk medicine and herbal lore that have deep roots in Thai culture for health and beauty.



“There is nothing on the market like the Prai Sugar Scrub that makes your skin so soft!”

Our body care products contain Prai, Lemongrass, Jasmine, Lavender, and essential oils as our main ingredients. These popular fragrances are well known for their refreshing effects, while their organic properties provide rejuvenation of the skin.