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The Thai Herbal Ball Experience DVD $39.95
Sa-wan™ features the first release of our training video for the Thai Herbal Ball Body Treatments. Presented by Body Worker Martin Misenhimer, a licensed Thai instructor, we feature a comprehensive, hands on, step-by-step approach, of the techniques and protocol for the Thai Herbal Ball. After review of this DVD, you will be well on your way in helping others on a journey to paradise! In Thailand it is a tradition that before you start any treatment, to start with a relaxing footbath. This ritualistic footbath is a nice treatment to add to any spa menu, and is a special bonus feature on this DVD! In addition to the foot bath treatment, the DVD also features some great Thai stretching to enhance any treatments for the spa or massage therapist. Indexing allows easy access to treatments and navigating throughout the entire DVD!

A Thai Herbal $15.95
This practical guide to the traditional herbalism of Thailand contains an overview of the history, theory, and spirituality of traditional Thai medicine, with a focus on the application to modern Western life.

Encyclopedia of Thai Massage $24.95
Drawing from Thai history, cultural studies, Buddhist religion, and yogic practices, as well as a modern understanding of anatomy and physiology, this book finally bridges the gap between the theory and practice of Thai massage.

Journey to Paradise Poster $10.00
"Journey to Paradise" Poster 18" x 24"



“There is nothing on the market like the Prai Sugar Scrub that makes your skin so soft!”

Our body care products contain Prai, Lemongrass, Jasmine, Lavender, and essential oils as our main ingredients. These popular fragrances are well known for their refreshing effects, while their organic properties provide rejuvenation of the skin.